YES TEXTILE, a strong party with incomparable competitiveness,
looks for the passionate talentswith creative challenging mind.

  • Hiring information
    • Hiring process

      Hiring notice is available at the company homepage or job recruitment sites. We will contact the candidates individually after reviewing the job fitness to the desired functions based on the applied resume and career records, and perform interview with hiring departments.

    • Recruitment period

      We announce it, if needed, considering business environment, demand of personnel by functions, and so on, comprehensively.

  • Qualification of application
    • Level of education, age, and gender are not limited, but the competency on the desired tasks will be considered according to the hiring functions. Please refer to the announcement at the homepage.
    • Common qualification: Those who completed or exempted the military service without any limitation for overseas trip.
  • Application documents
    • 1 copy of resume, 1 copy of self-introduction, 1 copy of career introduction (if any), 1 copy of graduation certificate, 1 copy of transcript