To prepare the future, R&D Center of Yes Textile Consulting Lab Co. Ltd. develops future
innovative products which will lead the global market by seamless R&D and innovation.

Based on the weaving and processing technologies accumulated over 20 years, R&D Center of YES was organized for the purpose of new product planning
and development, and tries to do the best to satisfy the customers launching over 100 new products every year.

Currently, it heavily invests not only for the developments of textiles for sports with high-tech functionalities which are the main products of YES but also the
developments of ecofriendly technology for our future such as ecofriendly and sustainable technologies, energy efficiency research on the existing processes,
developments of biodegradable textiles, ecofriendly textile coating process, and so on.

As a result, YES acquired ‘Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certificate’ demonstrating the establishment of ecofriendly textile R&D system.

R&D Center of YES has expanded the competency in collaboration with universities, research centers, and companies that have the best technologies,
so as to be a leading company on the market changes by seamless innovation.