goal to contribute to the mankind remembering out
‘management philosophy, core value’.

Yes Textile Consulting Lab Inc. is not just about the simple textile supply business, but we pursue the sustainable business management prioritizing the society
and environment to lead the future of textile materials industry. We will do our best and take responsibility to grow as a top global enterprise with our ultimate
goal to contribute to the mankind remembering out ‘management philosophy, core value’.

Corporate Sustainability Management

(CSM : Corporate Sustainability Management)

  • We contribute to society.

    Contribute to mankind by pursuing not only economic value,
    but also the environmental and social value.

  • We provide the highest quality.

    Provide the best quality with price, quality, development
    and management, and creates client value.

  • We have transparent management.

    Secure trust and responsibility based on transparent
    and ethical business management.

Core value

I'd like to inform you of the core value.

  • Client-oriented

    Business can only grow and survive with clients. We will satisfy the clients beyond expectation with our specialized product and quality and improve the repurchase rate.

  • Responsibility

    With sense of ownership, we will do our best to conduct and complete the project and raise client’s trust.

  • Teamwork

    Based on mutual trust and respect, we will have smooth communication and cooperation to share same goal and create synergy effect.

  • Lead the change

    We will not stop finding and solving issues to change and innovate and become the global leading enterprise.