Yes, Textile Consulting Lab Inc. is an expert enterprise on export in the field of
polyester and nylon spandex with excellent competence in domestic and overseas market.

Since the foundation in 2001, we have accumulated more than 20 years of technology based on high-end manufacture facility.
We controlled spandex fabric from thread production to manufacture which is tricky to deal with, and managed to produce in stable quality.
Based on this, we specialized in outdoor market and grew as a global textile material enterprise.

We prioritize our promise to the client, and we have worked endlessly to become a company that always says ‘yes’ to our client. To provide the top quality and service,
we focus on new technology development and research.
Now, Yes, Textile will lead a sustainable business that protects environment by not only thinking about the fabric supply,
but also considering the society and environment to pioneer the future of the materials industry.

Thank you.

CEO of Yes Textile Consulting Lab Inc.In-Byeong Park